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How to Host (and Survive) a Slumber Party

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How to Host (and Survive) a Slumber Party

by Amy Saldanha, kiddywampus

So, your child wants to have a sleepover. Great. Because the thought of a gaggle of kids giggling and racing around the house all night is every parent’s dream, right? Don’t stress. Here are some no-fail tips for making sure your child’s slumber party doesn’t end up being a nightmare.

Make a Plan

Talk to your kids about what they want to do, what their friends might enjoy, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Do the kids want uninterrupted “hang-out time or do they need more structured activities? Do you know the personalities of the guests involved and can you predict any situations that might occur? Are there rooms in the house that are “off-limits” to the party guests? What will happen if guests can’t agree on an activity?

Movie and TV choices need to be communicated to parents ahead of time as parents can have very different ideas of what is appropriate. Overplan the activities so you have some backups just in case things don’t go as planned. In some cases, I’ve created a codeword with my child before the party so she can easily let me know if an issue pops up during the event – then I know to come in and change things up a bit without stepping on her toes.

Communicate with Parents and Guests

When I send out a slumber party invite, I let the parents know as much as possible what will be happening, including activities, food, bedtime, movie choices, etc. The guests arrive prepared…

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