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Toy Trends for Children with Special Needs

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by Ellen Metrick, National Lekotek Center

Toy Fair proved to be exceptional this year, celebrating the 110th year for this Toy Industry Association event. Although there were many overall trends, what we strive to do is to view all the new product offerings with a lens on how they might relate to children with special needs.

This year, three areas that we felt were well-served and are particularly important to children with special needs are:

  • Toys that offer a social and/or emotional component
  • App appeal and accessibility
  • Toys that include a sensory experience

Social Emotional Health is an area of child development that is getting a lot of attention. Children are being exposed to stress factors at younger and younger ages in the form of academic and social pressures, overscheduling issues and less physical release outlets like exercise and outdoor play.

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